We Want to Beat Stroke

We are passionate about reducing stroke everywhere by the training of professionals and raising public awareness on the causes and symptoms of stroke in the community. This is done through workshops, articles and the development of videos and other learning tools. Stroke Care International also seeks to support stroke survivors and their careers through Stroke Support Groups. Stroke Care International acts as an advocate to health services and government departments to ensure that Stroke is prioritized as a major health issue.

You can join our many volunteers who work to help those living with Stroke.

Words from our recipients

Our support group is vibrant with activities, we bond with other survivors and share our stories, well done stroke care.


Despite your tight schedule, you deem it fit to cater for health challenges of people across the globe. God Himself is praying for your children, husband, organisation and YOU in particular.

Mr. Alabi Wale

Stroke care international has been so supportive in my journey of recovery, I could not have done it without them.