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Our knowledge and understanding of international standards and excellent understanding of the local environment has placed us in a stead to offer excellent service to a sizeable number of persons plagued with Stroke. We don’t only give care to affected individuals through our SCI- Stroke support groups in different parts of the UK. We also engage in activities like Stroke awareness programs, Workplace and Marketplace sensitisation programs and Institutions based awareness etc. lectures that would help prevent future occurrence. Let’s conquer stroke together!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a SCI Stroke Support Group?
A stroke can be a very isolating experience. That’s why Stroke Care International has established the Stroke Support Group. A SCI Stroke Support Group is a community resource for stroke survivors, their family members, friends and anyone else affected by stroke.
By meeting regularly members help one another face and overcome common challenges. These groups:
• Encourage individuals to share their personal experiences
• Inspire everyone involved in the life of a stroke survivor to move forward from the experience and find meaning in life
• Provide an environment where stroke survivors and caregivers can make friends and socialize.
The SCI Stroke Support Groups offer community outreach, educational programs, social opportunities, and encourage discussion.
Who are your target beneficiaries
• General public
• Health care workers.
• Stroke survivors.
• Relatives of stroke survivors.
What happens after a stroke?
• This is different for everyone. You may have trouble with one, some, or all of the following:
o Language (speaking and/or understanding; written and/or spoken)
o Memory
o Attention
o Movement
o Sensation
o Swallowing
o Emotion
o Behavior
o Judgment
How can stroke survivors regain control of their lives after a stroke, and gain back skills for daily living?
Therapy has been proven to help recovery. There are many available apps that individuals can use at home in addition to in-clinic therapy. Check out Constant Therapy‘s collection of science-based tasks and see which tasks might be best for you. Our app will recommend a set of tasks for you based on your specific areas of difficulty and can then move you along in your tasks over time – if a task is too easy, we’ll give you a harder one; if one is too tricky, we’ll go a little easier. Download Constant Therapy today to get started on your recovery.
What do we do?
Stroke Care International is passionate about reducing stroke everywhere by the training of professionals and raising public awareness on the causes and symptoms of stroke in the community. This is done through workshops, articles and the development of videos and other learning tools. Stroke Care International also seeks to support stroke survivors and their carers through Stroke Support Groups. Stroke Care International acts as an advocate to health services and government departments to ensure that Stroke is prioritised as a major health issue.