What is a SCI Stroke Support Group?

A stroke can be a very isolating experience. That’s why Stroke Care International has established the Stroke Support Group. A SCI Stroke Support Group is a community resource for stroke survivors, their family members, friends and anyone else affected by stroke.

By meeting regularly members help one another face and overcome common challenges. These groups:

ñ Encourage individuals to share their personal experiences

· Inspire everyone involved in the life of a stroke survivor to move forward from the experience and find meaning in life

· Provide an environment where stroke survivors and caregivers can make friends and socialize.

The SCI Stroke Support Groups offer community outreach, educational programs, social opportunities, and encourage discussion.

Refreshments are offered at each meeting.

Community-based stroke support groups can address a number of needs by:

· Coordinating links between the health care system and community support services

· Raising awareness amongst stroke survivors and caregivers about community resources

· Promoting a consistent level of support at all stages of stroke recovery

· Providing support during transition to post-stroke roles

· Providing wellness focused activities in community settings that support stroke survivors and family members on a short or long-term basis

· Supporting system sustainability by leveraging public, private and non-profit sources of funding.

Target beneficiaries:

· General public

· Health care workers.

· Stroke survivors.

· Families of stroke survivors.

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